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To Air or Not To Air, That Is The Question | e.Grace Group

To Air or Not To Air, That Is The Question

iPad 3 vs AirApple announced its new iPad Air amidst the usual fanfare that accompanies most of its new hardware or software updates. Like most fans, I salivated over the new and improved specs, mentally comparing the projected benefits the faster processor, the increased memory option and the lighter weight would bring. All of these improvements certain to drastically improve the experience that I have enjoyed with my current iPad 3 Retina. Promises of faster wireless connectivity due to the dual antennas whet my nerdy appetite for higher speedtest.com scores. On the date of the release event, I joined the ranks of countless others who followed the online streams of the Apple release event which confirmed or debunked all the rumors regarding the actual specs of this new device and others. Satisfied with the marketing hype and wiping my mouth after consuming all of the Kool-Aid served up by Apple, I purposed that THIS was the iPad worthy of upgrading to. After all, the release of the iPad 4 seemed to be all but forgotten, possibly due in part to the lackluster improvements in processor and the change in the lightning connector.
Alas, after holding both devices in my hands, and comparing the size and the speed of processing, I cannot in good conscience recommend upgrading from the iPad 3 to the iPad air. The reduction in the bezel width makes a difference but not that much of a difference. However, it will force all users to upgrade to a smaller case. That’s a bummer! Same processors. Same screen resolution. Same dual antennas. Smaller, more compact and drastically lighter than the Air, the Mini makes the choice clear. To Air is not the question. To Mini is the answer. At least for me.

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